Thursday, July 21, 2011


So here's the second installment of photos of things I've made from the past two years, enjoy!

Pancakes made from scratch, not the syrup though haha.

  Filipino Pan de Sal, they didn't turn out quite as soft and fluffy as they should, but they look nice!

Korean BBQ-style Beef Short Ribs with a side of garlicky spinach and a Pan de sal bun.

Home made strawberry frozen yoghurt made in my new ice cream maker! :)

Fried rice, this one turned out reaaaallly orange, because of the red powder I used to season the pork. It was yellow though :/

Filipino Turon, Al's mom showed me how to make these, sooo yummy! Instead of just banana and brown sugar, we added in some jackfruit, super tasty~~

Lava cakes on Valentine's Day for my love.

Cheese Souffle. My gosh these were surprisingly filling; I've never made these before. I think I'll add in some bacon or ham or something next time, something about too much cheese and egg puts me off.

Mini bread loafies!  In order from the top and clock wise, Oregano, Plain, Cheese, and Garlic. It was actually my little sister that made these. But who did she learn from~ haha

Rice with a fried pork chop. Simple and classic Viet dinner.

Strawberry and Nutella Crepes with home made whipping cream! :9

French Onion Soup, this is Al's number one favourite kind of soup :)

Gnocchi with a home made tomato meat sauce

Next time I'll post something more educational. :)