Thursday, June 2, 2011

Food for Thought

So let me begin with saying, I am definitely not the best cook; I will never have a restaurant. I cook to fill the tummies of those who live with me. So with that in mind, I'll tell you a little bit about my life in cooking.

I suppose it all began when I was flipping pancakes at the age of 4 or when my mom stopped baking banana nut muffins from a cookbook; that I began to read recipes for leisure. I always wanted to make them but alas, my mother's kitchen -full of everything to cook everything Vietnamese- didn't have the ingredients I needed to make the snacks and foods that all -but me- of my Canadian friends ate normally.

So I only cooked the things that my mom wanted me to cook. It involved me making lots of rice -and screwing it up and getting more royally lectured thereafter- and the making of a lot of Vietamese food. Used to hate it.

But now I am happy I have that knowledge. (make this a lesson to not neglect what your parents try to teach you!) -Thanks Mom!-

Cooking for fun though, really began when I entered college and had scholarship money to spend on extra ingredients. Which is funny because, as many of my friends know, being an animation student involves starving behind the animation desks rushing til past midnight trying to complete animations and layouts and storyboards and all that is art. Oh how I just love being busy.

And I blame that on my boyfriend, Al; we met on the first day and started dating a week after. He is quite possibly my future forever now. And as the saying goes, a way to a man's heart is through his stomach, and that day that he asked me out was when we were in my kitchen making lame attempts at tossing pizza dough for a very not-circular pizza. According to him, it tasted quite alright. The first time someone enjoyed my cooking!

And so this is the beginning of  my blog, I like to think of it as an attempt at documenting my ever-present life in cooking. I have a blog for my art, but that's for my future :)

I was also inspired to make this blog by my friend Christine, who is documenting her life of fashion.

The Purpose:
I'd also like to mention, that I want to try and make this blog college-life friendly. I want fellow college students to not live off of instant noodles for months on end. So I will make attempt to add recipes that most people can make. Perhaps being healthier will lead to better brains of the future *bonus!*

Sometimes, there will be recipes that require more time and effort and perhaps more shucking for ingredients, but that doesn't stop you from trying it out and having fun or closing this page and finding a better recipe -quitter!-.

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